The new wave solo project of Irish born Margaret O’Sullivan. She’s been extremely focused on her musical project- Femmepop, and her ‘obsession’ (as she put it) has paid off.

Madonna is a huge influence on her, and you can hear it in her writing. She isn’t a carbon copy, however, making 80s beats with synth sounds all of her own. Her vocals are pretty 90s, think Madonna, Kylie, along with a touch of Stevie Nicks.

She writes catchy songs you feel like must have been on the radio… which is maybe why she has been featured on BBC 6Music, BBC introducing, 1Live Radio Germany and about 10 others.

Tom Robinson from BBC 6Music commented, “We’ve been impressed with the careful build-up of Femmepop’s career strategy… Every ambitious artist whose aim is to make a living from music has to tread a fine line between pop accessibility and artistic credibility…Margaret has achieved that ideal balance.”

Ooberfuse are a little ball of light in a world that … let’s face it, kinda needs it!

They’re not what I expected – electro pop, a sweet voice and electro sounds – they’re a band that wants to “raise unheard voices” … They’re doing good work and she also has a sweet voice. Their most recent video was about fundraising for those hit hardest by the coronavirus madness.

“Never Give Up” is so simple, catchy and brilliant. It’s the perfect sample for any tv show. -During that moment where everything is resolving. The chord progression in “Secret Tattoo” seems to have taken a note out of Abba’s book.

The thing both our acts have in common is a political spin in their music. They both also have really catchy songs. Kind of inspiring to see.

Can’t wait … and you can see them play on the 12th here.

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