Alexander Lugg
Alexander Lugg

Tori Kelly is one for the more discerning diva fan. Think 90s MTV unplugged Mariah … Sister Act: the musical, if Jennifer Saunders was replaced by Christina Aguilera. You’ll hear class, humility and a spiritual tenderness in her voice. A voice that winds, spirals and rasps when she commands it to …

Her double-Gospel-Grammy-award winning album, Hiding Place, is her Magnus opus to date and an excellent starting point. From the out-and-out gospel of ‘Soul’s Anthem‘ and the Stevie Wonder groove of ‘Sunday’, to the Knowles-esque attitude of ‘Masterpiece‘ and ‘A Star Is Born’ piano balladry of ‘Questions’, there is just … I tell you what, just listen to the whole album. Now. It is (amazingly) just 36 minutes long!

The gospel tag is slightly misleading as there is a decent amount of funk, rhythm and soul to Tori Kelly’s songs – her connection to the music is clearly spiritual, however. For her poppier side check out early single ‘Dear No One‘ (and for her take on R n B, ‘Unbreakable Smile‘.)

I predict Tori’s voice will envelop the Roundhouse in a powerful embrace. If you can listen to all 36 minutes of Hiding Place without scrambling for a ticket then I banish you to your own hiding place forever. Only Joking, but … buy your tickets now.



Hallelujah cover:

Not her first time in Camden (PYT cover @ Dingwalls):

Her playlist:

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