Life under lockdown continues to shutter Camden venues, but the spirit of performing in front of audiences rages on! Join the action as the musicians connect to the internet and stream across our pcs. 1pm London time – or catch the recorded version if you miss the stream.

We first met Lyoness (check the interview) when they ripped it up over at the Black Heart back in November. Tight set, solid rock from the UK-based band made up of American (North Carolina) Gillan Maxwell, Steph Carter, Dan Parkinson, Simon Short and Ali Brown. It’s a new enough band, but these musicians have been around in different bands – Gallows, The Ghost Riders in the Sky, The Dirty Dead, Ecca Vandal and Wonk Unit.  Gillan has powerful, bluesy rock vocals and the band will throw in with fierce guitar play. They will blow out your lunch break live.

The show also welcomes Victor Marichal, from France, who has an eclectic rock/indie style, showcasing his precise and intricate vocals across rock style songs. He taught himself the guitar (respect!) and originally trained as a jazz vocalist.

The show is, as ever, hosted by the glamourous Simona Martini.

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