Thank God for some fucking honesty. It’s hard to pull off a punk post covid anthem without it being only about ‘coming together’ and unity and love … when the truth is, it sucked. That’s the purpose of this track: Lyoness released their new single, “Throne” on the 4th of July. And it’s totally worth it just for that walking bass line during the bridge.

In her interview with punk press, Gillian Carter, lead singer, said, “It’s just about taking things back into your own hands, and demanding what is right. and I don’t want to get really political about this, because it’s not even about politics, it’s about humanity and doing what the fuck is right.”

It’s a catchy, post-apocalyptic song that has already been played on BBC Radio 1’s rock show… It has more of a punk feel than “I don’t care” … with anti-establishment vibes and hopefully the inspiration to do “what the fuck is right.” The video is a little psychedelic and political. So are the lyrics: “If you run with me we’ll reclaim hell” “This world is hate, couldn’t contemplate, this would be our state…”

It’s a pretty dark track. And for pretty dark times, I’d say they’re right on the money.

Lyoness also played our live stream – take a listen …



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