Jameson whiskeys connects mini series brought together three artists who have never met, to create a track… Nnic, Uly and R.Kitt worked together with “Not too late” being the end result…

It has an airy, jazzy, summer-in-some-sort-of-drugs-hangover haze feel to it.

For this series, artists connect and collab on a track together, melding three different genres, and fundraising for a good cause, in this case, they are hoping to raise money for the Irish refugee council.

Nnic, recently killed on our live stream, she has an amazing voice and a knack for songwriting. She reminded me of Adele meets Bishop Briggs and Florence and the machine. But she has a sound that is totally her own.

She said as she was making the track, that she was making something that was more than just a breezy summer track. “The words have a double meaning” – they reflect the political madness of this summer, as well as the strange feel that this summer has to it, as one that is different from all others.

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