Alexandra Ciucu
Alexandra Ciucu

I like my music how I like my coffee – energising and with a social conscience. 

Indie band, the Slow Readers Club fit the bill exactly. They fuse rock sensibilities with a post-punk sound that breathes new life into 80s synths. That they’re able to do this and also deliver lyrics that dissect the core of millennial anxieties (love, alienation and the rise of right-wing populism) is a testament to the timeliness of their sound. They also get bonus points for sharing my love of Abba’s stonking tunes as a guilty pleasure.

On the music scene in this iteration since 2011, they’ve been slowly gaining momentum in the past couple of years with the release of their UK Top 20 chart-hitting album Build a Tower, and a gig opening for 90s indie legends, James.

The Manchester natives made the bold decision to give this music thing a go in 2019, quit their jobs and went on a mammoth 32-date tour across the UK and Europe. I couldn’t be more pumped. 

Their new album The Joy of the Return is coming out in March 2020, and if their early single All I Hear is anything to go by, it’ll be a banger. 

Slow Readers Club will spark up Camden’s very own Electric Ballroom on 3 April.

Favourite songs:

Plant the Seed – haunting earworm

Lost in Your Gaze – great riff

On The TV – an uplifting melody with hard-hitting lyrics 

And playlist:

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