Zoe Konez has a beautifully heartfelt sound that might move even the most jaded heart at 1am after a long day.

It’s that sweet, drifting voice that gets you first. Then it’s the poppy, floaty melodies. That’s her charm – unapologetic pop with a handful of folk …

Konez has been recording since 2014 but has been involved in music her whole life. She says that she wants to re-balance the gender issue in folk and certainly seems to be doing so.

These are gloriously melancholy folk stories told in the most reverie style of gauzy, pop sounds. Her breathy vocals on tracks like “For all ex lovers” kind of encapsulate what I’m saying.

She’s played across Europe and the UK and been promoted by 6 Music. Usually playing bigger venues, the Camden Chapel will be a sweet, intimate gig instead.

Pull together the pieces of your broken heart, put up your umbrella and head out to this gig.

Check out:

  1. Between Darkness and Day
  2. We Got Lost
  3. The Sweetest Thing is Love

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