There’s nothing in your face about Kelly Moran’s music, it gets everywhere. Start listening to one of her many, many tracks, EPs or albums and you’ll find yourself taken through a thesaurus of transcendental emotions.

A classically trained musician, who has toured with Oneohtrix Point Never and is signed to the illustrious electronic label WARP – Moran has traced and defined a vision of ‘post-classical’ sounds. Through her extensive training, Moran melds structure and improvisation. Her early efforts include stints as a bass guitarist in No Wave band.

The venue for this performance is Hall One in Kings Place, a structure within Kings Place which sits on rubber springs to provide complete acoustic isolation to the rest of the building (which is filled with noisey Guardian journalists). The architectural acoustics are the most fitting place for Moran’s envelope pushing soundscapes.

In other projects Moran has composed music specially for dance, although this is unlikely to be the case here, she still completes an audio-visual dynamic through the use of projections and other artworks. These visuals match the journeys taken sonically and immerse the audience in Moran’s mores behind the piano, or synthesiser, or cello.

Origin E.P. released in 2019, is a response and a prelude to Moran’s WARP released Ultraviolet. Both have attracted critical acclaim for their atmospheric and ethereal sounds.

You can listen to a special WARP session rendition of some Ultraviolet/Origins tracks here, or check out the live performance below, complete with stunning visuals and harmonies.

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