Kitty Montague tells us all about her music and why fundraising for Paladin this weekend is so important… This weekend (Sunday 29th November 2020) she and Camden Live will be hosting a gig filled with female artists, poetry while raising money to support stalking abuse victims…

Kitty Montague. Source: facebook
Kitty Montague. Source: facebook

Do you remember when you first wanted to be a musician?

Throughout school I wrote music, and sang at any chance I got, but I actually wanted to be in musicals. I trained in musical theatre, but it wasn’t until after my training that I decided to fully commit to writing and performing my own music.

What drew you to music?

The feelings and emotions that music can evoke! Before I knew what I wanted to sing about, I knew that I wanted to connect with people the way that music connect with me.

So what are your fans like?

They’re great. I’ve started speaking more openly about the causes that are important to me, through my music and on social media, trying to spread the empowerment that feminism has given me. So I am slowly attracting a fanbase full of loud feminists!

What’s the best thing about gigging live?

The energy you feel in the room! Lockdown has definitely reminded me of that, I’ve really missed the interaction, and back and forth, that you get with a live audience.

How has your lockdown experience been?

I have found lockdown intense, and a real struggle at times but there have been a few positives to take away. I’ve spent invaluable time with my family, and though I feel busier in ways, it also feels like the pace of life outside is slightly slower, which I’ve really enjoyed. And not having “FOMO” (fear of missing out) … because there is literally nothing going on to miss out on.

Tell us about Paladin, what inspired you to set up this gig to promote this cause and why is it so important right now?

Paladin NSAS is an incredibly important charity, which supports high risk victims of stalking while working alongside the police. They amplify the voice of the victim within the criminal and civil justice system, ensuring that each case gets taken seriously.

I know how important and life changing this charity is to victims of stalking who feel terrified and alone. If we continuing to raise awareness, we can help more people feel safe.

What do you hope the outcome will be of the gig?

We are aiming to raise money for Paladin NSAS but awareness is equally important, particularly during the current pandemic. Since lockdown started the charity have received a serious increase of contact from victims of stalking. It’s more important than ever that Paladin are able to support those at risk, and that victims know who they can reach out to, during these difficult times.

What is the last song you played/wrote?

I’ve just started an IGTV series on Instagram called ‘Cover & Chill’, where my followers decide which cover song I sing! The last song that I sang, and the first song of the series, was my version of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles. They have good taste.

Who are your idols?

I am a huge fan of Lily Allen and Kate Nash, they were the first artists that I remember notably impacting me. I love their attitudes, they completely rebelled against the sexism that women face, which I found extremely powerful.

What does your creative process look like?

I always start at the piano, playing around while improvising a few words over the top until something catches. Lyrics are my main focus, then I will often rework the melodies and chords later on.

I try to stick with one idea until I have finished the song. I think my process is a lot slower than the majority of artists that I know, but I would never finish a song otherwise… I’m too easily distracted by new ideas.

Kitty Montague. Source: facebook
Kitty Montague. Source: facebook

Did anyone in particular encourage you to keep going with music?

Yes, I have always been extremely fortunate to have the consistent support of my family, both of my parents are huge music enthusiasts. My dad was an aspiring drummer, but I definitely inherited my mums voice. I’ve actually never heard her sing, but everyone says she could have been an Opera singer.

My cousin too, Ben Montague, is a singer and big inspiration. It was great having a family member in the industry to aspire to. 

What drives you in life?

The feeling of empowerment.

What’s next?

I’ve got new music coming in the new year, which I’m incredibly excited about. Stay tuned.




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