‘Tis the season, apparently. And what better way to deal with the cold than with the warm embrace of a folk gig? Gather your nearest and dearest, your harmonies, that colleague you just met at the work Christmas do, and get down to Kings Place to listen to some contemporary folk with Lady Maisery.

Lady Maisery
Lady Maisery. Source: pinterest

It’s easy to write off folk groups as “just another folk band”. But Lady Maisery bring a pretty unique vibe:

Their sound incorporates a plethora of musical instruments – bansitar, fiddle, concertina, foot percussion, melodeons (I don’t know, either). They choose their songs based on whether they are about social justice. And there’s hints of Scandinavian and Eastern European folk in their tight harmonies, that make them pretty irresistible.

Kings Place is not known for its intimacy, but I’m sure they’ll do their best to cosy the place up. And you’re probably needing a moment of calm away from crazy Christmassy London. So put down your John Lewis bags, grab some sort of warm brew and head on over to Kings Place.

Check out:

“The Old Churchyard” – a spiritual track

“Sing for the Morning” – jaunty vibes

“Season III: Beautiful Leaves” – melancholic, haunting love song

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