Lauren Hibbard was kind enough to answer a few questions about life, music, and inspiration. She’s a new act on the block, but has already played at Glastonbury and for BBC introducing. Her songs are Taylor-Swift catchy. She has a knack for writing relatable and provocative lyrics that sound good. Titles include, ‘Sugardaddy‘, ‘Sweat patch‘, and ‘Old nudes‘.

Can’t wait to see what’s to come from her in the future…

Do you remember when you first wanted to be a musician?

Yes, I had just turned fourteen and got an acoustic guitar for my birthday along with lessons as I was always listening and dancing around to music. After my first few lessons I knew it was what I wanted to do! I never used to stop singing either, but I didn’t really know I could properly sing until a few years later when I started writing.

What are your musical roots?

None of my family members play instruments, so it wasn’t something I was born into, but my mum really encouraged me to pursue music as she knew how much I loved it and she loved seeing me progress. I used to do gigs live from the family bathroom as I loved how my voice sounded in there, so my mum and stepdad would stand by the door and watch… sounds SO weird now! (laughs)

Sounds adorable! What drew you to music?

Growing up, I was really into books. I became oddly fascinated with words, and I found myself dissecting songs on the radio and trying to find hidden meanings, etc. I wrote a few amateur books when I was about 16, my mum loved them (laughs). I think when I started playing guitar, writing became the priority. I’ve never been a technical head, so for me it wasn’t the scales or fingerpicking that got me going it was the lyrics, the melodies, and the structure. I’m big on imagery, and I love to write about things people would normally avoid.

What is the last song you played/wrote?

The last song I wrote was a track called ‘Another Day in the Yard’, it’s pretty Jack White influenced but I’m really into it. The last song I actually played was probably The Doves – ‘There Goes The Fear‘.

Who are your idols?

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Jack White, Pixies, Avril Lavigne and Phoebe Bridgers.

What is your creative process like?

I don’t have a strict method. I always have notes on my phone or lyrical ideas or song titles, it’s sort of like a constantly growing mood board which I’ll study when I’m sat down with a guitar. It’s just a case of playing around for me until something lands and then I run with it. Normally spurring from a set of chords or a riff.

Do you write about yourself or ideas that catch your imagination?

Both I think, I’m quite good at analysing other people’s lives or running away with my imagination but the majority of the time I do write from my own perspective. It’s a good way to work out your feeling for sure, I’ve had a few realisations when writing before.

How was your gig at the Camden Assembly?

It was amazing! My first sold out London show! Such a great feeling, and to see people queuing outside hours early was surreal. Wish I could go back and do it all again now.

Tell us about your fanbase?

I’d say my fanbase is quite broad, it seems to welcome a vast audience which I love but I would say I market more towards younger females (probably just because I am one), so lyrically it’s potentially easier to relate. But I love meeting people I’d never expect to like my stuff and hearing how they discovered the songs etc.

You have a cool persona onstage and in your videos, is that something you thought about, or is this something that came naturally to you?

Thanks! You are probably the first person to call me cool. I’m actually a loser, but I disguise it well. I think my humour takes over, It’s a nervous reaction actually. When I’m out of my comfort zone or nervous I joke around and that’s carried me through and almost become a trademark of mine which is hilarious. What’s the best thing about gigging live? Just interacting with the audience, and that rush of energy is pretty addictive. It’s like an out of body experience sometimes, I remember playing Shepherds Bush Empire for the first time and being like ‘Did I just do that?’. It didn’t feel like my life. It’s the unpredictability and the rush, as well as being on stage with your best friends.

Your songs are so so catchy, is there an art to writing catchy songs?!

Thank you! I just love pop music, and I listen to a lot. I love Weezer but I also love Katy Perry and I think there’s something in that. Pop vocal melodies are my jam, but I just like listening to them on a bed of fuzzy guitars. The art is definitely in waking up the day after writing and seeing if you can sing it instantly. What is the most fun thing to do? Definitely touring! I love just seeing the UK and Europe from the back of a van, and playing every night. Meeting loads of amazing people and bands. It’s just the best way to live your life and I miss it very much.

Lauran Hibberd.
Lauran Hibberd. Source: youtube

When do you most feel like yourself?

Definitely when I’m writing. It just comes quite naturally to me, I love writing stories and shaping things in my mind. I have a home studio and it’s my favourite place to be. So that’s where I feel the most comfortable and like myself for sure.

What are the most important elements of a song? A cool riff, catchy hook?

I think it’s all in the vocal melodies, hooks and choruses. But it has to have a strong foundation in order for it all to work. So definitely a riff, or a good set of chords is the most important starting point – but to seal the deal it’s in the vocal hooks for me. How do you feel about fame? I’ll let you know if I ever get there haha! It looks fun though, especially if you get there from doing what you love.

What’s next? Will you be releasing anything soon?

I’ve just released a single called ‘Boy Bye’ which you definitely should listen to, but I’m releasing an EP early next year and chipping away writing my album currently. Which is SO exciting, so a lot more to come.

If you could have your dream career, what would that be?

I just want to make a career out of making music, that’s my dream. To sustain my life through writing and performing. Other than that, probably would work in a zoo and give talks on tigers and stuff. Thanks so much for taking the time, you’re awesome!


Can’t wait to see where Lauran’s career takes her. If she’s ever in back Camden, you can bet she’ll be welcome at our gigs.


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