When Katie Kittermaster graduated from secondary school in the UK (=high school in the US), she went to a Boyzlife concert. However, she wasn’t in the audience, she was up on the stage as the warm-up act.

In September 2019, she ended up doing more than a dozen shows with Boyzlife (a supergroup featuring Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden, who were in ’90s and ’00s boybands Boyzone and Westlife). She then connected with X-Factor participant Lucy Spraggan to support 30 gigs across Europe.

While very unusual to get on the rocket this fast, Kittermaster has been focused on making her musical career happen since childhood so she’s not that surprised. She’s pretty excited about it though! She had the dream, like many kids and went through musical theatre training. At 15 it all seemed to come together as she started putting covers up on Youtube and was encouraged by fans. She performed her first original song “Mine” live that year and her strong, delicate voice captured the attention of managers and agents. Since then she has written more than 30 songs – in particular, “T-Shirt” and “Kaleidoscope” are great showcases of her developing talent both as a singer and songwriter.

Katie Kittermaster

Her big influences are the big popstars including Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Neo-soul singer Joy Crookes is also a big favorite as is the legendary Joni Mitchell. Kittermaster says about her songwriting that “I find it catarthic expressing how I feel. While it’s about my life and I’m 19 now, I hope anyone can relate to my songs.”

You might think she had some help from family in the music industry, but you’d be guessing wrongly. Her father runs international schools which is why she spent three years in Dubai. Now she’s camped out in the Kentish countryside riding out the lockdown. She notes that “it’s hard for me to work alone. My process needs a lot of collaboration.” She’s been sharing an A-Z challenge where she performs a live stream version of a song she likes matching the next letter in the alphabet.

Her gig at the Camden Chapel would have been her first solo show. It sold out fast. Unfortunately, that gig got canceled due to the pandemic. Yet, she’s going to try her first virtual show as part of Talentbanq’s promoted Live (Stream) at the Camden Chapel series.  It should be a fun, energetic gig and you might be able to say you saw this generation’s verision of Taylor Swift long before she became world-famous.

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Letter Y in her A-Z live stream song challenge

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