Despite a literal pandemic going on outside, the show must go on. That’s why, at Camden Live, we are keeping the dream alive with Lockdown Live music streams featuring artists from around the world.

Show number seven features Eric 13 joining us from New York, and despite it being unspeakably early in the morning where he is, this acoustic guitar rock’n’roll hero is ready to play and drink wine … With the backdrop of his impossibly cool garage filled with instruments, posters and various other rock paraphernalia. Eric13 greets us with plenty of energy …

Eric 13 of Combichrist
Eric 13. Source: twitter

Hello from America! It is 8AM in the morning, perfect time for an interview and a live performance! I’m doing well, the situation here is dire but I have a place to work so I’m keeping busy making music.

I was deciding, what songs should I play at 8AM? Purposely, a few years ago, I made a set of songs that I call my “super quiet songs” that I play if I have to be quiet for some reason, because of a neighbour or roommate, or if it’s super early in the morning. And if I may, I’ll start with one song that I always begin with – this is the special Eric13 wake-up song, written by the great Lou Reed.

As he launches into the iconic track “Perfect Day”, his voice changes by the moment from low and grumbly to a clear high pitch seamlessly. A classic rock’n’roller, Eric13 has the look, the vocal chops and the guitar skills to rival the very best of them, and his cover of Lou Reed displays his talents perfectly.

I’ve got another wake-up song for you, and I just heard this song randomly recently and I liked it so much I had to learn it on the spot. It’s so fitting for early morning – it’s 8.15 in the morning here in America right now. This is a song written by a great American songwriter called Daniel Johnston, and it’s called “True Love Will Find You In The End”.

As advertised, Eric13 version of Daniel Johnston’s classic track is perfect for slow mornings … So what has Eric13 been up to since the epidemic broke out? Turns out, he’s been keeping busy as ever.

Like everyone in America, I’m on self quarantine. Everything’s closed, same as everywhere. I’m lucky that I’m safe, my family is safe, so I have no complaints. The biggest thing for me is tours, I had hundreds of tours and all my summer festival performances scheduled that now have all been cancelled, so I’m living the new normal right now, all I can do is be here in my studio working and trying to embrace it.

Music is my job, my passion, my release, and the live streaming has really changed things for me. It keeps me positive, and a lot of my friends and family and fans have told me that they like the live streaming, it doesn’t replace concerts but it definitely helps, and I find that it helps me. It keeps me happy, it keeps me interacting with fans across the world, and it keeps a smile on my face, so I can’t complain.

Eric 13. Source: njpen

He also takes the time to praise Patreon, which has had a great impact on him.

Patreon is the best – it’s a membership platform where fans, friends or enthusiasts can make a monthly pledge to support artists. So a few subscriptions can make sure an artist has something like a steady income – it has been career changing and life changing for me. The support I receive from my Patreon members has changed my life for the better. It’s not just about the financial side of it, but the artist-fan relationship, the way it empowers me, the friendships I’ve built…it’s been a very positive influence on me, my life and my art.

From an artist’s standpoint, I don’t think everyone should just be out asking for money. Of course wanting to support artists is always great, but I think musicians shouldn’t just be there with their hand out expecting people to contribute. I think there’s a combination of providing some sort of value, entertaining people and giving something back. Your live streams are like concerts, so instead of going to a gig and paying for merch and a ticket, you can give them something they want to invest in. So it’s really about authenticity and value.


He then treated us to an acoustic version of one of his most popular songs, “Devils Highway”, which shows where his rock’n’roll accolades come in. His voice sounds like an intricate blend between Elvis, Johnny Cash, Billy Idol and Chuck Berry, and despite playing to us bright and early in the morning he gives off whiskey-fuelled, late night vibes with his rendition of the song.

Eric13 has certainly been keeping busy during isolation – in addition to writing and performing, he’s also been taking part in charity fundraiser live streams.

I had the honor of participating in a few live stream fundraisers, and I did one in Philadelphia last week. We raised over 75 000 dollars for musician’s grants that are going to be given out to artists – it was so cool.

Next, Eric13 shared a world exclusive premiere of his new song called “Manchester Midnight”, which he wrote the last time he was in Manchester, England. The acoustic-guitar led brand new track fits perfectly with the artist’s discography, featuring personal lyrics and excellent vocal control – the song is performed with a voice shifting easily from smooth to raspy.

Rounding up this live stream, Eric13 played an acoustic version of the Combichrist track, “The Evil In Me”, but blended it with another Combichrist song, “Understand”.

It’s safe to say that Eric13 has gained a few new fans during this live stream, and even though everyone’s staying home these days, there’s lots of ways to get into his music right now.

I have a weekly show where I do an artist’s talk where I’m interacting with other artist and then I do some shows off the cuff, like last night I did a live stream just for my Patreon members, and they got to see my rehearsal process and suggest songs for me to play today. I’m really just streaming like a madman now.

If you liked Eric13’s sound, be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram, and keep up with his website to stay informed about upcoming gigs.

Be sure to check out these top tracks from Eric13 on Spotify:

Chainsaw Your Face

Miss You Like The Beatles

Devil’s Highway

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