“It’s real and people do think about death,” explains Lola Young about her morbid track “Six Feet Under.”  Death is part of life and she is ready to face it all. In her latest video for “Woman”, she’s nude and leads a montage of nude sensuous female body close-ups and says “I’m butt naked and it feels great!” When she says, “I’m not someone who wants to cause a scene,” you can believe her, but also know she isn’t at all scared to mix it up. At age 19, Lola Young is in the fast lane, breaking away to be one of the next-gen neo-soul stars.


Check out our quick chat with Lola Young video clip – death, dying, nudity and the hard work for fame:


She’s heading to the stage at the Jazz Cafe for her first gig since the lockdown began, whenever ago that was. In fact, it’s her first time at the legendary venue – probably because you need to be at least 18 to get in there. The limited capacity gig sold out in an instant. She’s planning a full band set-up and some special surprises for the few people who scored tickets.


Her latest NSFW (who goes to the office anyway?) “Woman” video:


Since Amy Winehouse died (2011) and Adele last dropped new music (2015), there has been an open field for new soul, R&B sounds from the UK. From a music lover perspective it’s been amazing to listen to the recent wave of British neo-soul singers like Jorja Smith and Joy Crookes as well as some of our new favorites like Greentea Peng (who killed it at Dingwalls) and American Nyah Grace (who joined us on Camden Live Stream #19).


Lola Young can go shoulder-to-shoulder with the top R&B singers, carrying the dreamy, whispering soulful mood as far as she wants to take it. Carefully navigating the zone between confidence and arrogance, she’s building on her singing since she was a child and always writing poetry. Her first gig was when she was 12 somewhere and she attended the BRIT school here in South London (modeled after the School of Performing Arts = Fame school in NYC). Island/Universal signed her and is now all-in on taking her career big.  She already has 4 tracks with over a million streams on Spotify.


It’s dedication and hard work for her now to grab her dream. She admits, that of course she “makes music for to share with fans and give them something to enjoy,” but also she reflects that “really I do it for myself.” Lola Young has a lot to say and we’ll be hearing from her for a long time.

Lola Young. Photo Joe Perri.

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