Almost three weeks down, some more to go. After the initial buzz of live-stream events the lockdown has turned into a bit more of a lucid daydream for non-key workers. It seems strange that doing nothing is now encouraged. And it is encouraging to see how acts are still coming out and keeping the wheel spinning.

Dublin Castle is a venue in Camden where many bands from the 90s cut their teeth. Britpop bastion and now even sticker waterhole has a need for some ballast throughout the lockdown. Camden Live has teamed up with various acts and artists to bring their own bit of floaty wood.

Four acts will be gracing the stage at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFcPwokw5VudXvzvCxgMaQ this Saturday evening.

Gazel thisisgazel.com
Gazel thisisgazel.com

Before watching Gazel, make sure you get to the fridge-bar and back; her dark, moody pop is the perfect accompaniment to the Night Before Resurrection. Happy Easter. Hopefully the fidelity of Gazel and her leg-like piano fingers comes through like Ant and Dec on Saturday Night.

Bedroom producers are back in vogue – and on their hometurf, they should be bringing their best singles and doubles performances. Isn’t it a shame about Wimbledon (disclosure, I sold ‘Wimbledone?’ to the Daily Star for half a furloughed worker). Blaydek produces dreamy lo-fi pop for your fifth stare at the wall of the day. Confession by Blaydek.

Velvet Starlings, the headliner, are incredibly familiar, yet I can’t place my finger on who exactly. Perhaps it is a combination of all – Ty Segall, something from the Dark Crystal or a Renaissance cherub. It isn’t the Starling’s first dive into live streaming, they’re also playing Quarantunes on Friday night before joining us on Saturday

Fans of Wire, Brianjones Town and that ilk will find something to enjoy in Velvet land.

Dakka Skanks is a Brightonian ska-punk group. So you’ll probably have made your mind up already. If you want to check out Clara Byrnes powerful vocals and the fusion of anger and bip-bop they’ll be on early in the night. Drop by in your slippers.

P.S. (If Camden Live isn’t a venue you’ve heard of before, it’s just a link to our YouTube page where we’ll be hosting the evening.)

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