What would happen to people if they listened to way too much Daft Punk when they were teenagers?  For high school pals, Guillaume Adamo and Florian Hernandez this led them to abandon their skateboards and game consols to dive into making music.  They learned how to play and channeled their energy into wiring up their keyboard and guitar through their laptops.  A few years on now, their band Ninety’s Story delivers a sound that is sophisticated, full of layers, smooth and brings the positive vibes all the from their home in the sun-kissed beaches of the South of France.

Camden debut at the Dubby

They caught breaks early-on warming-up for Archive, Morcheeba, The Avener and Puggy, which put them in front of a big audience and gave them taste for the light shows and pulsating people dancing in the audience. They’ve put in the miles on tour since.

Their performance this night at the Dublin Castle was full of energy and excitement. Drenched in throbbing bass, the tracks are enchanting as they drift between electro pop and funk. The big impression you get is that these guys are really having fun and want you to join in with them.

The Dublin Castle continues to be a proving ground for up-coming bands. Just getting a slot is already a big achievement. Ninety’s Story was on at the end of that night, right behind a solid set featuring power-ballads from singer, Tiffany Twisted. The bands that inspire them (including the likes of Metronomy, Electric Guest, Foals and M83) would have enjoyed the groove and enthusiasm the guys laid out on that legendary stage. It was clearly a rush for them, as is it for many bands, to play in Camden for the first time.

Ninety's Story at the Dublin Castle
Ninety’s Story Guillaume Adamo and Florian Hernandez playing live at the Dublin Castle. Photo: Jon Himoff

After this debut in London, Guillaume and Florian are heading back to their new home in the centre of Brussels, in the midst of the dynamic club scene. They will be spending the next few months cranking out some new tracks. While they clearly can deliver slick studio tracks, they are now seeking something where imperfections can have a place as well.  It’s great to see people going for it. Maybe some inspiration and support also comes from Guillame’s brother, Romain Adamo, who also started a band with his Nice schoolmates called Hyphen Hyphen.

Ninety’s Story have more than a few solid tracks up for streaming. Their new one, “Motorway” is a taste of their future direction. When played live, the strong beats, harmonies, rich sounds, switches in pace and playful vox make you feel like you are on the deck of a fast speedboat heading into St. Tropez harbor, ready to star in your own personal movie.  Expect great things from these guys.

Ninety's Story warming up
Ninety’s Story – Florian Hernandez and Guillaume Adamo heating up in Camden. Photo: Jon Himoff

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