Crossover rock-punk band Pollypikpocketz are a heavy dose of eye-catching, captivating and eclectic musicians, with each member offering their own uniqueness. The four-piece band is comprised of Myura (vocals), Frog (bass), Mat Kiki (guitar) and Shane Howard (drums) who happens to also be a master ventriloquist.

Edgy, raw and unapologetic with a DISTURB THE PEACE sign waving front and centre… Cue Pollypikpocketz’s rebellious montage scene in a Hollywood movie in keep your ‘Handz off Muthafukka’.

I briefly caught up with them to discuss their musical inspiration and creative process…

What first got you into music?


Who inspired you to make music?


Who would you most like to collaborate with?


If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?


What is your creative process like? 

Our drummer, Shane, is a musical genius who writes and records all our songs himself, which is great for the rest of us as we can concentrate on more important things, like naming bits of dust and guessing how many shoes there are in the world. What is not commonly known about Shane, though, is that he is also a master ventriloquist and the rest of us are just miming as he sings all the parts at our live shows!

What does playing in Camden mean to you?

Not having to go very far *laughs*


This is a band you must see in the flesh, no exaggeration needed. If you want to witness the ‘we don’t give a shit’ attitude personified, look no further. See you at the Dublin Castle on the 12th.

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