This year has meant that live music has had to get that bit more innovative. We’re still in festival season, but rather than muddy fields or sticky floored pubs you can enjoy all the festival buzz from, well the comfort of your own home. True, it might not be quite the same, but at least the queue for the bar has simply become the length of time it takes to walk to your fridge.

Punk n Roll Rendez-Vous is celebrating 8 years of putting on nights of punk and live music by throwing a three day festival taking place online this weekend. The festival usually takes place at Camden’s Unicorn pub, and this year is no different, it’s all been filmed there it’s just streaming online a few days later. The festival features over 25 different acts including Tokyo Taboo, The Derellas and The Kingcrows. 

The whole thing is hosted and viewable on the Healthy Junkies Facebook page, who are also performing at the festival. So for a few nights of intimate and loud punk, all entirely free, check the show out here: 

The Healthy Junkies

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