Richard James has created an earworm. The track below just kept coming back into my brain. I’m just loving the bass and funk he adds in the guitar part. And those ‘oohs’… I just wish an expert bassist could add in some walking bass because this is a tuuuune…


He has a new track called ‘communicate’ coming out on the 18th… the perfect playlist for anyone in a long distance relationship.

Our other act, We Three, are made up of three siblings who took on the family band and made it real real.
Their track, ‘Heaven’s not too far away’ had me in tears within minutes. So, naturally, I had to get them on the stream. Because people crying is good, in music terms.

They also have tight harmonies, having grown up harmonising together and really strong composition along with their moving lyrics. If you’re ok with original and yet commercial sounds, you’ll definitely like them.

Check ’em both out the 8th September at 8pm (UK time) on our stream.


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