Rachel Laven decries in one of her songs, “don’t put me in a town with more churches than bars” which means she should be very much at home in Camden Town. She is on tour with fellow American guitar player, Grace Pettis and together will be bringing a twangy-country sound to the Green Note on March 11th. Pettis wonders in the country, slide-guitar infused “You Are the Cowboy” track “You’re no good for me and I’m no good for you. Baby, why do we do what we do?”

Expect amazing heart-felt vocals, rhythmic guitar-play and flowing lyrics that will make you think, from this Texas-born twosome. This gig will be as close to seeing Joni Mitchell as you are going to get in North London this year.

Each singer-songwriter has a potentially big career in front of her, so catching them together should be a great show. Both Pettis and Laven have other bands they front – Nobody’s Girl and Sweet ‘Shine respectively. The gig notes say something about playing in the round, which could be pretty unusual in the Green Note as well. Rachel Laven also notes on her website that she just moved to Leeds, so there must a good story (about a guy or a horse?) to share.

Grace Pettis video clip


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