The Valentine Brothers, iconic American duo from Ohio, are set to serve up their classic funk for your delectation and delight. Check Lonely Nights” and The Money’s Too Tight to Mention” – with rhythms this smooth, rest assured, you won’t feel too lonely. And with tickets starting at £30, the money won’t be too tight – at least, not too tight to mention.

Major chart toppers in the 70s and 80s, the Valentine Brothers have been touring the world with their sexy and smooth songs for the past 30 years. For a classic funk band, they haven’t lost it just yet. Piano and soulful saxophone slip through their melodic and smooth sets. They’ll be joined by classic Funk dude, Randy I-Wanna-Make-Love-To-You Brown.

Wanna feel light and free n easy breezy? Feel dat bass? You’d be hard pressed to find a better way to escape from family drama and Brexit debates than with the Valtine Bro’s tunes, which transport you back to a simpler (and sexier) time.


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