We are delighted to announce that Christian Gisborne of the Velvet Starlings will be joining us once again for the stream on the 3rd of November. He actually played our very first show this spring, and now he’s back with his rad riffs and infectious personality! Talk about a musical prodigy!

As Bill Sloan, BBC Radio put it, he’s the ‘Best new thing I have seen in ages. Lead singer and guitarist Christian Gisborne live is a pocket rocket!’

Check their new music video, ‘Karmic Lemonade’ …

“We thought there aren’t enough girls playing electric guitar… and we thought there aren’t enough old ladies playing electric guitar…” It’s the Menopause Army. This band is cool. Duh.

They’re also a lot of fun! Scandi queer comic punk rock ska is about the closest words I can use to describe their aesthetic.

You can’t help but like a band that is ‘all about killer wales‘…

Victor Marichal has also previously played our stream once before and sang beautifully. My favourite was his song, ‘Snow on London City‘, which feels like a crooning jazz classic. His vocals are pretty outstanding, with perfect phrasing and vibrato, he lilts up and down the register as smoothly as a singing saw.

He’s a true performer…


Check ’em out on our stream, live on the 3rd of November at 8pm BST.

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