New week, new lockdown live stream

Harry Lloyd (Waiting for Smith lead singer) used to be a ski instructor in the french alps and while there broke his back in two places. On the way to the hospital he had an epiphany that he should dedicate the rest of his life to music. And here he is!

His songs are very free and easy and honest. Simple writing that is written well is pretty rare, but he’s got it. It’s endearing.

He sings about the light in us when Corona is happening, it’s the kind of thing we need at the moment, a bit of honesty and positivity. I don’t know where this world is that Harry Lloyd lives, but I want to join. It’s possibly Rome.


And now for something different! Pihka is my name is one of the most experimental artists we’ve had on since Ays Kura.

Electronic ethereal magic with crunchy cookie cutter beats. Love ‘Little Bubbles’ which is about the structure of the individual and how we are shaped by society. Think robot ‘Another Brick in the Wall’.


Mellow folk, sometimes pop in the studio. S. T. Manville’s  songs are often reminders to himself, not to worry or that’s it’s ok to think a certain way. Like the anxiety of waiting for your partner to come home. Which are kind of reassuring. If you like Passenger and guitar picking, you will like him.

Some folk trivia for you – Zak Hobbs is Richard Thompson’s grandson (UK folk rock royalty!)

It was his cover of Dinner at Eight that meant I had to reach out and get this guy on the show. Zak teaches guitar and has clearly put in his 10,000 hours. He’s just so good! Can’t wait to hear his crooning melodies

Zak Hobbs. Source: zak hobbs
Zak Hobbs. Source: zak hobbs

All this for the first stream of the 2021!!! Check it out on the 12th of January at 8pm BST…

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