Camden Live was born the night Neurosis and Earth rolled into town to play Koko and we missed it – because we had no idea it was happening. “Like hell that’s ever happening again,” we vowed.

So that’s our story (minus a bunch of details).

What we’re doing here is simple – compiling all of Camden’s shows and making it eeeasy af to find out who’s playing, where, when, etc.

And because it’s the future (and shit’s come a long way), we’ll let you know the second shows get announced and suggest bands you might like. But only if you want us to; clingy sites, gtfo. If not, just browse Camden’s upcoming shows by date, genre or venue to yr heart’s content.

Or, heck, even easier, join our email list, and we’ll send you a big list of what’s happening every so often, so you don’t even have to type Camden Live into the internet.

Point is, we’re out here making something in Camden for Camden. For the bands from around here, and the ones who are arriving from god-knows-where stinking of van fumes. And obviously, for everyone who likes keeping them on the road.

Ride the lightning…

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