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About Camden Live

We started Camden Live to get more people into the incredible music scene here. 

It’s one of the best in the world and there’s so much going on, that it’s hard to keep up. We want to be your guide and your companion as you explore and discover what’s going on.  We also want to inspire you to freshen-up your playlist and listen to amazing new tracks! 

Before the pandemic, there were gigs every night to enjoy in Camden across large and small venues ranging from rock to metal to folk to jazz to reggae and classical. It’s always been a proving zone for local bands as well as a great launchpad. Musicians from all over come to play here to tap the vibe and oil up for tours.  The rock legacy is vast here. Plus the air is infused with the history and legends surrounding the former factories and horse stables.

Now with the pandemic, it’s dark days for live music. Musicians are suffering on many levels and really need to show support and appreciation. We started the Camden Live Stream show back in April 2020 to keep things rolling as much as we can. We also have Spotify and YT playlists to help you catch the latest releases and our favorites.  Soon we are going to start a web radio show. But this is all just to keep it burning until it can be reignited in the world-famous Camden venues.

Our new CMDN branded t-shirts will keep you in the groove of live music and get your ready to go to your next show. We have a range of items on sale now featuring original artwork summoning up the spirits from Camden’s past, present and future. Join our mailing list and get a discount code!

Please share the live music love when you can – follow us, follow artists and even better share links with other music lovers. It makes a big difference and we send our thanks in advance!

Point is, we’re out here making something in Camden for Camden. For the bands from around here, and the ones who are arriving from god-knows-where stinking of van fumes. And obviously, for everyone who likes keeping them on the road.

Ride the lightning…


Camden Live was founded by Jon Himoff, who saw Led Zeppelin at an impressionable age and later worked in the publishing and music industry before going corporate and then escaping to be a tech start-up guy. We invite people to contribute and help us feed the internet with decent content about amazing bands. Drop us a note on social if you have something cool to throw in.


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Subscribe for CMDN gig info

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Zombie Horse Gig Series 2021

Get your Camden live new music tickets now! Tons of great rock shows in classic venues!

NEXT SHOW Dec 3rd at the Fiddler's Elbow

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