bleach. was formed in hometown Lincoln late 2023, after the collapse of two previous bands. Finn, Charlie & Harry mainly take musical influences from classic Punk bands such as The Police, The Clash and early Arctic Monkeys.

Championed by BBC Introducing, The bands debut 6 track EP ‘GET OUT.’ released in November 2023 and was written in the time the boys moved from Lincoln to London to study and pursue music endeavours in the Capital.


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1) How did you get into music?

From a young age me (Harry – drums) and Finn were nurtured into listening to classic rock and taking guitar lessons from our dads that it was always going to happen. We met Charlie in GCSE Music class when we were 14 and we started a band built upon on our mutual love for Arctic Monkeys.


2) What bands inspired your style and how do you differ from your roots?

When starting bleach. we wanted to make ‘punk’ music and only that, mainly due to the fact all 3 of us had very minimal singing experience so it was a way of masking that. But now we feel as if you can make anything punk with the right attitude. We all have vastly different tastes but the common ground when it comes to bleach. inspiration is Idles, Soft Play, The Police, The Clash, Fontaines DC, Early Arctic Monkeys & 1975 (honourable mention but we’ve always admired their work ethic)


3) What would you say that thrills your soul?

Playing a packed gig. No substance on earth can give you the same feeling of walking off stage knowing you’ve just played your heart out to a room full of people who love what you just did. It gives a taste of what you could have in an ideal world. Post gig depression is a real thing, I’ve been sat at a birthday dinner before the day after a big headline gig absolutely miserable and numb because of last night.


4) If you were to get stuck on a lonely Island, which would be the 3 albums you’ll take with you?

Tricky one, individually this would change but as a collective here’s 3 albums we listen to on the CD player in our band van:

The Killers – Hot Fuss

The Stone Roses

Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am,


5) Beatles Vs Stones?

Stones just to satisfy Finn, personally I’m an early Beatles singles fan for some reason it reminds me of drinking tea and biscuits round Christmas. Finn takes huge inspiration from Keith Richards and is a huge Stones fan, Ronnie Wood also went to my uni and I see an honorary of him every time I walk onto campus.


6) Do you believe in aliens?

Yes, maybe not the typical green long legs alien but surely there’s something out there right? We like to keep ourselves naive to the news and current affairs however so if an Independence Day style alien invasion happened we’d probably not know about it until it was too late.


Don’t miss ‘Bleach.’ and join us at our
gig on Friday the 5th of April at Dublin Castle!

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