At the very heart of the CMDN Zombie Horse Gig Series 2021 is rock music. Live, loud rock music blasted at you from the stage.


During the lockdown, we’ve been dreaming of getting back in the live music clubs and hearing some loud rock music! So here it is – amazing indie bands pumping vibes from rock, punk, blues, jazz, folk and more. From September to December 2021, we’ve put together 25+ shows in 4 great Camden venues featuring more than 75 bands!

Join us for some ripping evenings and glorious all-dayers at legendary Camden clubs The Dublin Castle, The Black Heart, St Pancras Old Church and The Fiddler’s Elbow.

Check the CMDN Zombie Horse Gig listings and get your tickets here. (check your favorite band’s social for special ticket discounts while they last.)

We’ve met a lot of the bands on the Camden Live Stream shows during the lockdowns. We can’t wait to see them on stage!

Bands confirmed so far – more announcements to come!

Amy and the Calamities, Ant Henson, Birdeatsbaby, Bradley La and Cosmic Soup, Dayana, Dorja, Dove and Boweevil Band, F.O.L, Family Jools, Gazel, Grace Solero, Half Moon Panic, Hannah Piranha, Harry Quinn, Healthy Junkies, Hide Takemoto, Holly Penfield, Jack Valero, Jon Coley, Kitty Montague, Liv Adair, Logan Parker, Loz Campbell, Lyoness, Midori Jaeger, My Wonderful Daze, Natalie Shay, Niches, Ooberfuse, PollyPikPocketz, Redbook, RocknRoll Suicidez, Ronan MacManus, Seven Red Lions, Shake The Geek, She Made Me Do It, Slim Blue, Snowflake Generation, The Heat Inc, The Meffs, Tiffany Twisted, Victor and the New Vintage and Yve Mary B.

If you are a band and interested in getting on stage during this series, DM us on social.

*Please note that we will only run the shows if there are no covid-related capacity restrictions. In case that the shows cannot be run, we will refund all tickets and not reschedule the shows.  We hope this will not happen though!

Check out the artists in the hand-picked playlist:

CMDN presents: Zombie Horse Gig Series 2021

Venue and Band schedule so far – this will change! Get your tickets here.

DateVenueFormatBands Playing
2021-09-12Dublin CastleAll-DayerFamily Jools, Holly Penfield, Snowflake Generation, F.O.L, Slim Blue, Niches, Victor and the new vintage, PollyPikPocketz
2021-09-15The Fiddler's ElbowEveningYve Mary B, Jon Coley, Vic Allen
2021-09-17St. Pancras Old ChurchEveningOoberfuse, Jon Coley, Greenness
2021-09-22The Black HeartEveningDorja, She Made Me Do It, Traipse
2021-09-26The Fiddler's ElbowAll-DayerRocknRoll Suicidez, Logan Parker, Jack Valero, She Made Me Do It, Liv Adair, Breeze Redwine, Kelley Swindall, Tizane
2021-09-29The Fiddler's ElbowEveningLogan Parker, Ann Liu, redbook, Seven Days and Doesn't Die
2021-10-06The Black HeartEveningJon Coley, Penelope Antena, Loz Campbell
2021-10-10Dublin CastleAll-DayerAnt Henson, Hide Takemoto, Dove and Boweevil Band, The Heat Inc, Natalie Shay, Brand New Zeros, Breeze Redwine, Seven Days and Doesn't Die
2021-10-13The Fiddler's ElbowEvening
2021-10-22St. Pancras Old ChurchEveningHide Takemoto, Logan Parker
2021-10-27The Fiddler's ElbowEvening
2021-10-29St. Pancras Old ChurchEveningAmy Mayson, redbook, Midori Jaeger
2021-10-31The Fiddler's ElbowAll-DayerTiffany Twisted, Shake The Geek, Bite of Karma, F.O.L, The Lonesome Frets
2021-11-02The Black HeartEveningThe Meffs, Logan Parker, Tiffany Twisted
2021-11-10The Fiddler's ElbowEveningHalf Moon Panic
2021-11-14Dublin CastleAll-DayerHarry Quinn, Bradley La and Cosmic Soup, Jack Valero, My Wonderful Daze, Seven Red Lions
2021-11-16The Black HeartEveningGrace Solero, Maziac, DAYANA
2021-11-24The Fiddler's ElbowEvening
2021-11-26St. Pancras Old ChurchEveningLyoness, Healthy Junkies, Bang!
2021-11-28The Fiddler's ElbowAll-Dayer
2021-12-03The Fiddler's ElbowEvening
2021-12-05The Black HeartAll-Dayer
2021-12-08The Fiddler's ElbowEveningMidori Jaeger
2021-12-12Dublin CastleAll-DayerLyoness, Natalie Shay
2021-12-15The Black HeartEveningTiffany Twisted
2021-12-17St. Pancras Old ChurchEveningGrace Solero, Tiffany Twisted, Birdeatsbaby
2021-12-19The Fiddler's ElbowEveningHannah Piranha

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Zombie Horse Gig Series 2021

Get your Camden live new music tickets now! Tons of great rock shows in classic venues!

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