The heart of the Camden is pumping a lot slower these days, but it has not and will never stop. Camden Live Lockdown Stream is bringing the internet and global music-lovers a true taste of the local music scene with two battle-bred bands born of the gritty urban streets that run through Camden’s very soul–Healthy Junkies and Lion Machine 23.

We interviewed both bands so check out them outHeathy Junkies Interview / Lion Machine 23 Interview

Healthy Junkies will share their punkster Camden scene journey, as well as whatever twisted and ripping music that Phil and Nina can produce in their flat without terrorizing the neighborhood. Is punk dead? Or has it morphed into something even more disturbing and challenging? Or do we even care as long as the beat is there?

Dalland of Lion Machine 23 set the Hawley Arms aglow a few months back and was gearing up for more local gigging. His indie sound and Bowie-esque charm will dazzle you – even over the web and through your mobile.

It will be a great evening and what else is there to do anyway? Catch the stream off our camden-live.com/stream page 7pm London time 05 May. Cheer for the bands over the chat — that’s about as good as you can make it these days!


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