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The Swiss rock revolutionaries Dirty Sound Magnet are heading your way, and they’re bringing their electrifying new album “Dreaming In Dystopia,” which came out in 2023, with them. This is your chance to witness a band that’s redefining modern rock music. Every now and then, a band comes along that shakes up the musical landscape, bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air amid the mediocrity. Dirty Sound Magnet is that band, injecting new life into the scene and breaking away from the repetitive formulas that often dominate the industry.

Their ethereal and shamanic alternative rock is a visual and auditory journey, summoning apparitions of long-distant landscapes and strangely familiar yet completely foreign galaxies. It’s mind-expanding music that transports the listener, reminiscent of the transformative experiences Stavros and his bandmates had while discovering the legendary albums of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Frank Zappa as teenagers.

Upcoming Gig Date:

London: 25/09/24 @DINGWALLS, Camden

Get your tickets now and prepare for an unforgettable night with Dirty Sound Magnet!


For fans of Led Zeppelin and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Dirty Sound Magnet is the perfect band to add to your playlist. Their unique sound blends rockstar charisma with psychedelic brilliance, creating a musical experience like no other. Formed in 2008, Dirty Sound Magnet had a creative rebirth in 2016, carving out a unique sound that’s as innovative as it is exhilarating. Their music defies categorization, blending rockstar charisma with poetic depth and dynamic freedom. They channel otherworldly escapism and socio-political commentary into a mind-expanding, life-affirming mix of noise.

Their new album, “Dreaming In Dystopia”, is their most expansive and visual release yet. Featuring tracks like “Melodies From Distant Shores,” “Utopia,” “Insomnia,” and “Lonely Bird,” the album takes listeners on an epic journey through changing landscapes and the human condition. The title track pairs glitchy, seasick guitars with earworm melodies, reminiscent of Supergrass in their prime. It’s a profound introspection and intense reflection on the world, delivered through kaleidoscopic soundscapes.

And for those who crave the live experience, Dirty Sound Magnet just released a live version of “Body in Mind” recorded in Montreux. This 21-minute epic (originally 6 minutes on the album) showcases the band’s improvisational brilliance and is a testament to their live performance magic. The supernatural light show that accompanies their concerts adds a stunning visual contrast to their music.



Don’t miss your chance to see Dirty Sound Magnet live in London! Their shows are a mesmerising blend of musical alchemy and visual spectacle that will transport you to another dimension. Tickets are on sale now, so grab yours and be part of the rock revolution!

Upcoming Gig Date:

London: 25/09/24 @DINGWALLS, Camden

Get your tickets now and prepare for an unforgettable night with Dirty Sound Magnet!



Dirty Sound MagnetBiography

By Amit Sharma


Every now and then a band comes along that completely changes the musical landscape around them. Their arrival usually signals the changing of the tide, a much-needed breath of fresh air from the mundane mediocrity that often follows waves of innovation. It doesn’t matter how hungry the world appears for content, tried and tested formulas can easily render creativity stagnant. There comes a point where everything starts to sound the same…


For modern rock music, the band we need right now is Swiss trio Dirty Sound Magnet – who will be unveiling their fourth studio album Dreaming In Dystopia through Wild Thing Records later this year. The group formed in 2008 and after a creative rebirth in 2016, have found the formula for their own brand of psychedelic rock that’s proudly presented itself in the winning streak of noise that’s followed ever since. Fusing elements of Led Zeppelin, Queens Of The Stone Age and King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard through their own lysergic lens, they’re a band who simply refuse to be pigeonholed and obediently fit into any given category. As anyone who has seen them live will happily tell you, their musical alchemy is every bit as defiant as it is brilliant, cross-pollinating rockstar charisma with poetic prudence and dynamic freedom. Drawing upon elements of otherworldly escapism, socio-political commentary and thrilling unpredictability, and twisting it all into a cerebral mix of life-affirming noise, you very much get the feeling that their art belongs to them and them alone. They do precisely as they please, as all true artists should.


2017’s Western Lies signalled their arrival, with modern masterpieces like The Sophisticated Dark Ages, Ecstasy Of God and Homo Economicus heralding why this band were destined for great things. 2019’s Transgenic demonstrated how the trio were unafraid of evolution and embracing the idea of allowing their sound to mature and mutate in new and unexpected ways, particularly on tracks like Skull Drawing Rose and Organic Sacrifice. Live Alert, recorded and filmed in one day in their rehearsal room, followed in 2020 and two years later arrived its successor, third full-length DSM-III. Tracks like Body In Mind, Meet The Shaman and Mr. Robert were delivered in a way that captured their essence better than ever before, documenting the chemistry between singer/guitarist Stavros Dzodzos, bassist Marco Mottolini and drummer Maxime Cosandey more vividly and colourfully than any album before it, benefitting from a production that matched the music in terms of sheer brazen ambition…


“We restarted the band in 2016 and found our true calling,” says Stavros, speaking from the band’s HQ in Western Switzerland. “It felt like a lot of the rock music we heard was very repetitive. We didn’t fit into any scene, partly because there wasn’t one around us with the same passion or stylistic attitude. We just felt alien.”


As he explains, there was no musical movement for the band to latch onto or learn from. Stavros notes how a lack of rock culture native to Switzerland has encouraged little industry infrastructure to help turn their passion into a career. Even finding shows to play, he shrugs, has been hard work and “felt impossible at times, like we were on an island and all we had was our dreams”. This is a band who by their own admission had to work 10 times harder than acts from other parts of Europe, the UK and America in order to succeed. So naturally, that’s precisely what they did…

“We’d lock ourselves in a rehearsal room, playing music all day every day until we felt like it worked,” grins Stavros, with a rebellious glint in his eye. “That ended up being a blessing – it’s what makes this band special. We found our style by staying authentic and trying not to replicate things that were happening elsewhere. We wanted to express who we are as human beings, not what was popular at the time.”


As he admits, in hindsight, it was all for the best. The three members of Dirty Sound Magnet had no choice but to focus on what mattered most of all – the music and the message behind it. “A lot of the heavier rock and metal was more about drinking beer and having a good time using loud amps rather than anything deeper,” he continues. “We’re a very spiritual band. The first time I heard Led Zeppelin, I thought it was music made by the gods. Then I saw the pictures and was almost disappointed, because I suddenly saw them as human. But it’s that quality we wanted to keep – the idea that our music has to always be mystical. Even in the rehearsal room, just the three of us jamming, we have to express something unusual or unreal, something that goes beyond the obvious and expected.”

Which explains why their ethereal and shamanic alternative rock is so visually evocative, summoning apparitions of long-distant landscapes and strangely familiar but also completely foreign galaxies. It’s mind-expanding music that has the ability to transport the listener, much like those Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa albums did to Stavros and his bandmates when they were learning about life as teenagers themselves… 

“Our jams would take us into the desert or place us in front of an army of thousands,” he continues. “There would always be this sense of a story. Everything has to have a profound meaning. There’s a link between the three of us, to the point where I will compose the music and lyrics and we’re never in disagreement about what to do or how we sound, because we’re so close to each other. Whenever someone discovers a band, we all listen together. We spend every day together. This is almost more than just a band… we think alike.”


It would be fair to say it’s this year’s fourth studio album, titled Dreaming In Dystopia, that sits as their most wonderfully expansive and wildly visual release to date, with songs like Melodies From Distant Shores, Utopia, Insomnia and Lonely Bird taking listeners on the group’s greatest voyage yet. It’s an album that sees them examining just how much the world has changed around them, while also contemplating how certain things have stayed the same – starting with their almost religious dedication to self-expression and elevation through music. This time round, they’re widening their channels of creativity and digging even further into the DNA of their hearts and minds…


And make no mistake, this is the best music they’re written to date. Melodies From Distant Shores is like a lullaby from the Middle East, Stavros using his celestial vibrato-modulated electric guitars to deep-dive into the creative unknown. The title track Dreaming in Dystopia pairs more glitchy and seasick guitars against earworm melodies which softly caress the psyche in ways no other band are doing right now, going from as quiet as a whisper to loud and proud, at times reminiscent of Supergrass in their very prime. Those wondrous warbles continue through tracks like Lonely Bird and Lost My Mind, mesmerising and hypnotising at every turn in their observations of the human condition. It’s music for intense reflection and profound introspection, inviting its audience to search deep within themselves just as its authors did to create the wishy-washy seabed of kaleidoscopic noise. The music is in constant motion and the band breaks new ground with every track. Utopia explores new landscapes and introduces colours and textures reminiscent of the best Western Spaghetti soundtracks. And after having explored the four corners of the World, Dirty Sound Magnet chose outer space as the setting for the Grand Finale. The expansive album closer Insomnia transcends all musical boundaries and showcases the band in their most epic form.


The next 18 months or so will be a very busy period for Dirty Sound Magnet, starting with a host of summer festival dates and then more touring across Europe and the UK, as well as a trio of singles (Melodies From Different Shores, Insomnia and Lonely Bird) in the run up to the album release on October 20. Next year will commence with more European dates, some shows in Mexico and a strong possibility of a US tour. For a band who have done 600 shows or thereabouts in their career so far, it’s just a case of build, build, build.


Upcoming Gig Date:

London: 25/09/24 @DINGWALLS, Camden

Get your tickets now and prepare for an unforgettable night with Dirty Sound Magnet!


Stavros Dzodzos – Guitar / Vocals

Marco Mottolini – Bass / Backing Vocals

Maxime Cosandey – Drums / Backing Vocals / Special Effects



DSM III (2022)

Live Alert (2020)

Transgenic (2019)

Western Lies (2017)



Linktree: linktr.ee/dirtysoundmagnet

Website: dirtysoundmagnet.com

Facebook: facebook.com/dirtysoundmagnet

Instagram: instagram.com/dirtysoundmagnet

Twitter: twitter.com/DSMBand

Spotify: DSMSpotify

YouTube: DirtySoundMagnetYT


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