Our next live stream!

Smooth lilting vocals float over intricately designed guitar picking – Granny Goes to Heaven is an alt solo act created by Morgan Saunier, a French guy from Paris who hopes to break into the Camden music scene.

He recently released ‘hello my hands’ along with his debut EP in 2019. Influences include MGMT and MacdeMarco. He’s been recently recording in the french countryside during lockdown and we’re lucky enough to have him play for us tomorrow.

 Our second artist, guiatrist and bocking singer for industrial metal band, Combichrist, Eric 13 brings it.

He is also founder of the sex slaves, a loud and daring rock band from NYC. He’s worked on albums Everybody hates you and What the f*ck is wrong with you people! Super excited to see what this rock god has got.

Eric 13 of Combichrist
Eric 13. Source: twitter

Tomorrow at 1pm (UK time) on the live stream …

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