It almost seems like Leah Hennessey got caught in the ’80s and is still trying to ransom her way out. Her first single “We Will Not Be Lovers,” a righteous cover of the Waterboy’s track, gives you the entry point for this acid-wit, charming rocker from New York City. The song takes the driving beat of the original into electronic disco, with Hennessey’s teasing allure playing with us up to the point where we begin to think behind all this dramatic intent she might just be more than a little unhinged.  That was sort of sexy in the ’80s.

Leah Hennessey photo: Hedi Slimane

There’s no question though that she is ready to drag the wizard out from his curtain into the light. Her song “8 Men” tries to wake us up from the collective dream that capitalisms is on the level. Competition is only fair if everyone plays by the same rules – but we can all see that isn’t what is going down and vast wealth has been horded and firewalled by fewer people than it takes to field a single football side. So let’s do a dystopian dance to that.

Leah Hennessey is on at the Green Note on 25th July. Get your tickets here

We dropped Leah a few questions to see what’s in her head these days :

CMDN: Did any of your 8 men respond to your song?
Leah Hennessey: I wrote 8 Men right before Elon Musk became the richest man in the world, so I feel like they all should have sent me thank you notes for immortalising them before they all got cucked by Grimes’ ex bf.

CMDN: What’s next for the band?
I’m currently touring England, picking up musicians along the way and letting the environment shape the sound.  I’m going for something between a mulberry bush and the Gregg’s parking lot in the rain.

CMDN: Have you been to Camden before?
I spent my 18th birthday in `Camden, where `i caught a glimpse of Donny `Tourette of `The Towers of London, he of “dick on the Sex Pistols” fame, so I don’t think anything will top that but I’m open to the possibilities of glamour.

CMDN: What if Boris Johnson shows up to your gig? Anything you might have to say to him?
I’m really hoping there will be more interesting people there than BJ to talk to!

Listen to Hennessey – and show some follow love !

8 Men video

Hennessey’s version of We Will Not Be Lovers from the Waterboys

Original We Will Not Be Lovers from the Waterboys

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