Holly Penfield is a vocal powerhouse, and soon she’ll be playing our zombie horse gig at the Dublin Castle on the 12th of September for some post-lockdown blues. If you’re looking for a show, you got it with Holly!


What does playing in Camden mean to you?

Coming from San Francisco California, Camden was a destination of artists and creative vibrations that I needed to be part of if I ever could therefore it means a great deal to me to be performing there.

What gigs have you done recently? how did it go?

In July I did a performance in the Devon wilderness which was very rewarding. The audience were very appreciative of my songs. Later that month I sang and played use at a ukulele festival in Parbulele in July – that went down a storm.

Any new things you are planning on playing?

The difference is that I will be performing with a band and not as a duo.

What new releases are you working on? 

The Tree Woman album is the new album as the 2020 Tree Woman Tour was cancelled owing to the pandemic. I plan on releasing a new music video called Diggin’ It off the album.


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