“Seven” is a ripping debut track from Lonesome Frets is hitting the web on 12 March – we have a pre-release below from this exciting new band. It rocks. Play it loud.

Watch “Seven” from Lonesome Frets

The Lonesome Frets are George Maguire and Rachael Wooding with influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Manchester Orchestra.

The band  joined us on the Camden Live Stream on 16 March 8pm London time for a special set.  Catch the recorded show and meet the band in person virtually.

Singer/Guitarist George Maguire says about the debut track:

“Seven is about feeling like time is always against us whether in relationships, friendships or just life in general. The feeling that the clock is ticking and unless you take charge of whatever it is that’s coming then inevitably it will come crashing down around you. We wanted the sound to be banging with a driving drum beat that doesn’t relent, the drums are a big feature of the tune. We hope it’s a song people can dance to, or jump about to.”

George and Rachel met as performers on the London stage and began writing and gigging together in 2016. They have created a unique sound that focuses on well-crafted and catchy lyric-driven songs. Their dynamic live shows are completed by a four-piece band and together the six deliver a tight and exciting show.

The pair are no strangers to rock n roll royalty with George having worked on projects with both Ray and Dave Davies, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry, and Rachael with Brian May. They bring this experience of classic and timeless musicianship into both their writing and performance, creating a sonic landscape that is organic, honest and enduring. Rock on Lonesome Frets! Blasting debut track.

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