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Meet Tizane, our headline for our next show on Thursday 21/09 at Dublin Castle!

About Tizane: Heavy Magazine said this – ‘You can almost feel the venom simmering just below the surface, and it sounds like this band has a bit of anger and angst to let loose on the world’.

Tizane have been together for about a year and were an immediate good fit both artistically and emotionally. No surprise then that their music should sound so authentic and free flowing. Music and Television critic, Garry Bushell wrote in the Daily Mirror: ‘People compare lead singer, Tizane with Phoebe Bridgers but actually the group’s music is much bolder and rockier! They wrong foot you with gentle intros that grow into huge festival anthems.’

Garry is not alone in heaping plaudits on the band, and has recently been joined by Classic Rock Magazine, Planet Rock and even The Beeb. Band members are Tizane on guitar and vocals, Charlie Harris on lead guitar, Greg Titmarsh on drums and Nathan Gordon on bass. 

Meet Tizane during our interview!

1) How did you get into music?

Our parents introduced us to music from young. They always had their favourite records playing and would take us to see bands live where possible.

2) What bands inspired your style and how do you differ to your roots?

Paramore, Billie Eilish, wolf Alice, Olivia Rodrigo

3) What would you say thrills your soul?

Creating and connecting with fellow musicians

4) If you were to get stuck on a lonely Island, which would be the 3 albums you’ll take with you?

Bob Marley – Exodus Pink Floyd – the dark side of the moon Mac miller – swimming

5) Beatles Vs Stones?


6) Do you believe in aliens?


Don’t miss Tizane and join us at our gig on Thursday 21 of September at Dublin Castle!

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