Ready for our next stream acts?

Natalie Shay simply, a really strong singer. Natalie has a confidence that feels honest and refreshing about her. Her stage presence reminds me of Alanis Morisette.

Her writing could be a mix of Ed Sheeren, Alanis and Tracy Chapman. Classic pop songwriting that reminds you of something you’ve heard before. Something you’re happy to hear again.

She’s won the Guardian Music Award and the ‘Best Undiscovered Talent’ London Music Award – if that’s not enough of an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Voidie is our first rapper on the show … psyched to hear him play. I absolutely love it when I’m searching for great acts and I come across someone like him, a real diamond in the rough.

His songs are catchy. Super catchy. Check waste time: She wanna waste time and she wanna waste time / She wanna smoke 5 an’ I wanna smoke 9 / It’s a high life an I wanna slo time …

He’s just got great flo… I feel like every track (with a cool producer) could be a hit, if you like that kind of thing. Excited to see what he produces in the future.

Stony Sugarskull are a testament to rock. Raw singing is given a dirty edge with strong guitar riffs. Their sound is dirty, cool and contemporary.

Monika’s (the lead’s) debut album, LiONESS, was released this year and each song is intended to heal (couldn’t have come at a better time?!) ‘Such healing sound frequencies I integrate in my music, e.g. my new album LiONESS consists of every song functioning in a certain healing technique.’

Joining us for the second time are Bird Eats Baby… They have, as Jon put it, a ‘terrifying and sexy vibe’ which keeps the audience on its toes.

Mishkin is also a very talented pianist and songwriter, and their whole band could have been dreamed up in a Dostoevsky novel or Brothers Grim fairy tale… It doesn’t have to be Halloween to appreciate the beauty of gothica. If you like bands who know how to do drama and authentic singing, this is the set for you.

So check out our stream for probably the most varied juxtaposition of artists we’ve had so far!


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