Don’t miss our next and last gig of this year!

DECEMBER 16th at Camden Club

presenting Camden’s finest INDIE & ROCK with: PENNY SKINT, TIZANE AND INI LOWE!


Join us one last time on our very last gig of 2023!
This has been an incredible year thanks to you lot, so come and celebrate with us before we go into the new year. We will also be hosting our legendary pub crawl before the concert, meeting at 18.00 in Camden Club – meet new friends and get to know Camden’s iconic pubs and history of rock, drink where your favourite rockstars used to be locals and dance with everyone afterwards to Camden’s finest indie rock! 

And because it’s the last gig of the year, we have something very special for you!
Don’t miss it and see you next Saturday December 16th at Camden Club!

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Introducing, Penny Skint, Alt Rock Trio in pursuit of art and music in spite of the nine to five. Born out of the same town as the Rolling Stones and out to create their own legacy, the young band set out to do things the old way. No nonsense guitar sounds, big riffs, thumping drums and hooky melodies. The bass rumbles, the drums thump, the guitar on the edge of a breakdown. With a growing community where everyone looks after each other and the time spent together is as important as the music itself. Penny Skint and it’s mad army have been creating a noise around London and have already packed out notorious venues such as Camden Assembly and the 02 Academy Islington. Introducing Liam Phillips as lead singer and lead guitarist, Megan Mayes, bassist and vocalist. Dan Williams, drummer. A group of young musicians in this for the journey. The music speaks for itself, the gigs packed full of energy. 

A nine to five’s alright, but it’s not what we want.

Get Tickets hereTizane‘Tizane’, a band from South East London, United Kingdom and recently released their latest album, ‘Forever Is Nothing.’ Tizane bring together elements of Pop, Rock and alternative music to create a sound that is uniquely their own. Their music is characterised by memorable hooks, thought-provoking lyrics, and an irresistible blend of live instruments and electronic production. Similar artists include: Paramore, Olivia Rodrigo, Phoebe Bridgers, Wolf Alice ‘Forever is Nothing’ has arrived. Full of angst-ridden anthems, all ten songs serve up a beguiling brew of lyrical lament and gut-wrenching guitar, cooked up for brave hearts and big stages. Heavy Magazine said this – ‘You can almost feel the venom simmering just below the surface, and it sounds like this band has a bit of anger and angst to let loose on the world’. izane have been together for about a year and were an immediate good fit both artistically and emotionally. No surprise then that their music should sound so authentic and free flowing. Music and Television critic, Garry Bushell wrote in the Daily Mirror: ‘People compare lead singer, Tizane with Phoebe Bridgers but actually the group’s music is much bolder and rockier! They wrong foot you with gentle intros that grow into huge festival anthems.’ Garry is not alone in heaping plaudits on the band, and has recently been joined by Classic Rock Magazine, Planet Rock and even The Beeb. Band members are Tizane on guitar and vocals, Charlie Harris on lead guitar, Greg Titmarsh on drums and Nathan Gordon on bass.


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INI LOWE is a musical artist based in London.

His mixed English – Spanish heritage, and his sense of not belonging anywhere feeds directly into his music, in which he tackles issues of youth in modern society. His specific blend of indie rock music, which he produces himself, sways between soft nostalgia and angry swirling guitars, translating into a highly energetic and riff laden live show, coupled with moments for catching one’s breath. Originally from Leicester, he spent most of his teens making music in Spain, but moved back to the UK in 2021 to pursue his music career. Since then, he has released a string of singles, an acoustic EP, and supported Hak Baker in London.

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We started Camden Live to get more people into the incredible music scene here: one of the best in the world with so much going on that it’s hard to keep up. We want to be your guide, let us be your companion, as you explore and discover what is going on!

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Point is, we’re out here making something in Camden for Camden. For the bands from around here, and the ones who are arriving from god-knows-where stinking of van fumes. And obviously, for everyone who likes keeping them on the road.

Rock on!

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