She Made Me Do It are an alternative electronic rock band hailing from North London. Shaheena Dax, sings vocals and wields a fierce bass, with Will Crewdson shredding guitar.

Previously, both members met playing in the well-known Camden band, Rachel Stamp. With Rachel Stamp, they headlined Astoria twice, toured throughout the UK, US and Scandinavia. Though the band never officially split, and have played sporadically, members Will and Shaheena started writing together. Realising their synergy, they formed the band She Made Me Do It and released numerous EP’s.

Their latest work, ‘Otherworldly’ is a murky grunge-laden whirlwind 6 track EP that would take you on a rowdy escapade. Filled with a deep, dense and heavy post-punk sound, this EP will grab you and throw you about like a rag doll within the band’s psyche.

In their own words they describe their live shows as intense and loud, and their music as a blend of cool intricate sounds, with big riffs and choruses mixed with dark lyrics. Inspired by current affairs and reading a lot about war and the people that spend time on the frontline, they’ve outlined that savagery, suffering and despair have inspired their deep themes of obsession, war, PTSD and loss.

I caught up with the band and discussed their process, inspiration and ambition…

Do you prefer playing live or recording? Why?

Definitely playing live. I like the end result of recording but it’s not as instantly gratifying as a live show. There are so many random factors that can enhance the experience too: audience, how well you play that day, how good/bad the sound is.

What first got you into live music?

Seeing a band with a bright red drum kit playing in the canteen of my school. No idea who it was and no recollection of anything else about it except the colour of that kit.

Who is your idol? Why?

Loads and loads, but all roads do seem to lead to Prince because he was just such an all-rounder. Amazing guitarist, songwriter and performer plus he was infinitely versatile.

Rock n Roll or Pop? Why?!

Rock n roll in general but I do like a lot of pop too. Real pop with verses and choruses that complement each other. That could easily be presented in a rock n roll style though.

What is your wildest dream?

To gig every night and travel every day.

She Made Me Do It will be joining the line-up of performers at our live Zombie Horse Gig Series down at The Black Heart on the 22nd.


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