Summer in Camden this year is scorching. Yet, as if this week were not hot enough already, the most attitude Camden band from the furthest away, The Soap Girls, are back with their wicked new album release and launch show at the Fiddler’s Elbow 23 July.

Over the last few months they have been marauding across Europe and are now back on their last leg of the tour. It will be an evening of stunning guitar riffs,  insane flurries of hair flips and enough back bends and high-kicks to fill up multiple martial-arts films. Yet, it is still hard to describe their show in words alone. You need to see it for yourself. Find all the Soap Girl Camden listings here.

The new album is finally out. Years in the making and kept under wraps through various lockdowns–“In My Skin” is finally out to stream.  As you can expect, it just gets better and better from this band. The punk vibe and sister harmonies are still flowing through the tracks, but this album is also more dreamy and full of longing. They always put it out there, more bare than you might dare. The creativity and layered-sounds abound in the more pop tracks Breathe and Heart in Bloom. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of hammering riffs and vocal sneers to feed the devout. They are still calling out hypocrisy and the forces that keep us down. Rise up and embrace the Soap Girls.

Listen to Soap Girls album In My Skin below:

Soap Girls – glam and full of sneers, always ready to rock your world. photo @talie_eigland for camden-live.com


Soap Girls – Heart in Bloom – video . Filmed in their hometown, Cape Town,  in South Africa . Watch in below:



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