As we mark what would have been Amy Winehouse’s 40th birthday, we pay homage to the legendary singer, known for her unforgettable voice and iconic style and beloved persona. Amy’s connection to the vibrant neighbourhood of Camden was central to her life and music. In this tribute, we explore her Camden legacy, her favourite Camden spots, a special tribute show by her original band, and the eagerly awaited biopic that delves into her remarkable journey.

The Queen of Camden

Amy Winehouse wasn’t just a singer; she was a true Camden local from this artistic and eclectic neighbourhood we are lucky to also call our home. Camden’s bustling markets, colourful streets, and thriving music scene provided the backdrop for much of Amy’s life and served as a wellspring of inspiration for her music. Her distinct blend of vintage glamour and rebellious spirit mirrored the unique vibe of Camden itself. She often strolled its streets, frequented local establishments, and graced renowned music venues like The Hawley Arms, The Roundhouse, and The Dublin Castle with her unforgettable performances. Camden was not just her home; it was her muse, infusing her music with the neighbourhood’s soul and energy.

Amy Winehouse’s Enduring Persona and Impact on Music History

Amy Winehouse was more than just a musician; she was a cultural phenomenon. Her unique persona, a blend of vintage charm, unfiltered honesty, and a rebellious streak, resonated deeply with fans and music enthusiasts worldwide. Her distinctive beehive hairstyle and iconic winged eyeliner became synonymous with her image, while her soulful voice and emotionally charged lyrics touched the hearts of millions.

Amy’s impact on the music scene was profound. She breathed new life into the world of soul and jazz, infusing it with a modern edge that made it accessible to a younger generation. Her breakthrough album, “Back to Black,” not only earned critical acclaim but also became a cultural touchstone. It spoke to the complexities of love, addiction, and personal struggles in a way that felt raw and authentic.

As an artist, Amy was loved not only for her music but also for her candidness about her struggles, which endeared her to many who faced similar challenges. She was unapologetically herself, and her music served as a soundtrack to the lives of those who identified with her pain and triumphs.

Amy Winehouse’s influence extended beyond her music, as she inspired countless artists to explore their own vulnerabilities and push the boundaries of their creativity. Her impact on the music industry and her role in reviving traditional genres while infusing them with a contemporary sensibility continue to be celebrated and studied by musicians and fans alike.

Amy Winehouse’s Favorite Spots in Camden

Camden, with its rich music history and vibrant culture, was not just a home but a muse for Amy Winehouse. The neighborhood was an integral part of her life, and it’s where she could often be found, both during her rise to fame and after. Let’s take a stroll through some of the places that Amy Winehouse frequented in Camden, many of which we also call our local pubs and venues and we have shared the love of live music with you! Let’s immerse ourselves in the world that inspired her music.

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1. The Hawley Arms

The Hawley Arms, an iconic pub in Camden, was a beloved pub of Amy Winehouse. She could often be spotted here, enjoying a pint or two or sometimes even behind the bar. It was a place where she could unwind and escape the pressures of fame, making it a significant part of her Camden experience.



Amy Winehouse's £3,000 hotel room trashing – Tabloid HellThe brilliant Camden pub where Amy Winehouse got engaged, Arctic Monkeys got signed and Oasis played Be Here Now live for the first time - MyLondonAmy Winehouse In the Dublin Castle after visiting a clinic for drug and alcohol addiction London, England - 08.07.08 Stock Photo - Alamy

2. Dublin Castle

In her early days as an aspiring musician, Amy Winehouse graced the Dublin Castle stage numerous times. These performances were a testament to her talent and raw vocal prowess. It was here that she honed her craft and gained a local following before her meteoric rise to international stardom. Amy Winehouse was not only a performer here but also a patron who enjoyed watching other artists perform. Regulars and staff fondly remember her presence, where she blended in with the crowd, appreciating the music and camaraderie that defined the Camden music scene.

Amy winehouse good mixer pub hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

3. The Good Mixer

The Good Mixer is another pub that holds a special place in Amy’s heart. Known for its indie and alternative music scene, this Camden pub was frequented by Amy Winehouse. It was a spot where she could enjoy live music and connect with fellow musicians and fans, away from the spotlight.


4. Roundhouse

Amy Winehouse's Statue In Camden | LondonistThe Roundhouse is not just a v

enue but a Camden institution. Amy Winehouse graced

its stage multiple times, delivering unforgettable performances that showcased her incredible talent and raw emotion.


5. Camden Market

Camden Market, with its eclectic stalls and diverse offerings, was another place Amy Winehouse loved to explore. It was a hub of creativity and culture, mirroring the neighborhood’s spirit that resonated with her so deeply. Amy would often wander through the market’s bustling lanes, finding inspiration amid the vibrant atmosphere.

Amy Winehouse was spotted out and about in Camden where she visited the Hawley Arms Pub with friends London, England - 02.08.10 Stock Photo - Alamy

6. Her Camden Home

Amy Winehouse’s connection to Camden extended beyond public spaces. Her home in Camden Square was a place where she found solace and where she penned some of her most poignant songs. Fans would sometimes leave tokens of appreciation and love outside her home, a testament to the impact she had on their lives.

As we explore these Camden locations, we gain insight into Amy Winehouse’s world and the places that shaped her music and her life. Camden remains a lasting part of her legacy, a place where her spirit continues to resonate through the music, the memories, and the streets that she once walked.


Amy Winehouse: KOKO, London; Tuesday November 14

A Special Tribute Show in Camden

To honour Amy Winehouse’s 40th birthday, her original band members, the very musicians who stood by her from the beginning of her career until her untimely passing in 2011, are reuniting for a poignant tribute show. This remarkable ensemble includes her musical director and bassist, Dale Davis, who also plays a pivotal role as a music consultant for the upcoming Amy Winehouse biopic, “Back to Black.”

The show promises to be a heartfelt experience, featuring the soulful vocals of Bronte Shandé and rarely-seen footage of the singer’s career. Alongside captivating on-screen visuals, this event will create an immersive celebration of Amy’s music and her enduring spirit.

22 December 2023 at Koko – Get Tickets here

An Upcoming Amy Winehouse Biopic: “Back To Black”

Marisa Abela Is Amy Winehouse in First Look Photo from Biopic Film

In the world of cinema, the highly anticipated Amy Winehouse biopic, titled “Back To Black,” began filming earlier this year. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, a close friend of Winehouse, and featuring Marisa Abela in the lead role, this film promises to offer a unique perspective on Amy’s extraordinary life and career.

Jack O’Connell has been cast as Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, shedding light on their complex and tumultuous relationship. While the project has received authorisation from Winehouse’s estate, including her father, some have questioned whether the biopic will delve into the challenging aspects of her personal life. According to Focus Features, “Back To Black” will focus on Amy’s exceptional genius, creativity, and unfiltered honesty. It will take viewers on a journey from the vibrant streets of 90s Camden High Street to international stardom and back again. This film offers an intimate look behind the curtain of fame to understand what Amy saw and felt throughout her extraordinary journey.

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In celebrating Amy Winehouse’s enduring legacy, we’ve journeyed through the vibrant streets of Camden, revisited her iconic performances, and reflected on her profound impact on music. As we mark what would have been her 40th birthday, we remember the extraordinary talent and captivating spirit that she shared with the world.


Happy birthday, Amy, and may your soul continue to rest in peace, forever etching your name into the records of musical history.









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