We covered the Rifles’ gig last November, knowing this was going to be a cool release. And now they’re taking pre-orders for it. So hold onto your hats. Tracks include ‘Silence in Violence‘, ‘Winter Calls’ and ‘She’s Got Standards’.

The roundhouse must have something in the air, because artists love to release live albums from there.

Kreator, Nick Mason, The Dresdon Dolls and Pink Floyd have also released live at the Roundhouse albums so fans can soak up the atmosphere all over again.

The boys are sounding tight and the crowd was as rowdy as I had expected. Definitely a gig to jump up and down to with your mates. I guess that’s what happens when rock meets Britpop.

Looking forward to more gigs like this at some point in the future… For now you can get their album here.

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