The updated version of prog with a healthy dose of 80s pop that you didn’t know you needed incarnates itself in the Dave Foster Band. Don’t let the name deceive you, this is not a one-man show. It’s a songwriting partnership between guitar virtuoso Dave Foster and vocal powerhouse, Dinet Poortman.

Dave’s prog credential couldn’t be stronger. Founder of Mr So & So, former member of Panic Room and right-hand man to Steve Rothery of Marillion fame. His guitar reach is also insane – with his index finger on the fifth fret, his small finger goes all the way to the 13th!

Dinet more than holds her own with her crystal clear vocals that somehow manage to both soothe and prod at your darkest feelings in the same note.

Their third album is not meant to be light – and the best clue to that is in the title. ”Nocebo,” as far as my extensive online research tells me, is the opposite of a placebo.

You know that self-defeating cycle of negativity that starts for no good reason? That’s what they tap into before they transition to uplifting, philosophical lyrics followed by a masterful guitar solo – “Stand up / Dust yourself off  / And learn to love yourself first” in “Anything“.

It’s meditation with a banging soundtrack.

They only have 3 performances in January, so act quickly. This is an experience best felt live.


Songs I like:

“Pata Dura” – Best intro to the band. Starts off with a bang and doesn’t relent.

“Eventually, Everything Connects” – Dinet’s vocals reach peak smoothness.

Gravity” – Their previous album is a treat.

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