Pink haired and lyrically plaintive, Emily Burns sings intelligent pop songs about lost loves, her home town and real experiences.

Start with the beautiful lyrics on ‘Is it just me?’ Her words will resonate with anyone who has ever felt unwanted or unrequited in love.

‘I know it’s cruel, but I kind of hope you’re tortured too…’

Her chorus on ‘Hello’ uses one of those reversed pitch-shift sounding synth motifs (used so effectively by Bieber/Skrillex and the Chainsmokers) which sound like literal earworms. A brilliant pop tune.

She’s honest about her relationships, becoming an understated advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and talking about the realness that permeates many relationships: “I wish that I could let you go but I don’t mind one more hello.” Her openness sets a great example, and means that her songs and her shows can become a safe space for listeners to enjoy being comfortable with who they are. Just like Emily Burns.

With an album likely in 2020 to add to the already impressive EP releases ‘My Town’ and ‘Seven Scenes from there Same Summer’, this is your chance to catch an exciting pop talent who is just getting started. Tickets for Dingwalls on April 30th available here.


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