Tori Kelly is one for the more discerning diva fan. Think 90s-MTV-unplugged Mariah. Or, Sister Act: The Musical, if Jennifer Saunders was replaced by Christina Aguilera. You’ll hear class, humility and a spiritual tenderness in her voice. A voice that winds, spirals and rasps when she commands it to…

Her double-Gospel-Grammy-award winning album, Hiding Place, is her Magnus opus to date and an excellent starting point. From the out-and-out gospel of ‘Soul’s Anthem‘ and the Frank Ocean groove of ‘Sunday’, to the Knowles sisters attitude of ‘Masterpiece‘ there is just … I tell you what, just listen to the whole album. Now. Clocking in at just 36 minutes, this record is an extraordinarily deep well of vocal dexterity and musicianship.

The gospel tag is slightly misleading as there is a decent amount of funk, rhythm and soul to Tori Kelly’s songs – her connection to the music is clearly quite spiritual, however. For her poppier side check out early single ‘Dear No One‘ (and for her take on R n B, ‘Unbreakable Smile‘.)

I predict Tori’s voice will envelop the Roundhouse in a powerful embrace. If you can listen to all of Hiding Place without scrambling for a ticket then I banish you to your own hiding place forever. Only joking, but … tickets here.



Hallelujah cover:

Not her first time in Camden (PYT cover @ Dingwalls):

Her playlist:

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