The LA born Stephen Lee Bruner (aka Thundercat) is a musician, record producer and singer whose style incorporates R n B with funk and soul. He’s worked with Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus. And he’s won a Grammy. So it’s fair to say he’s doing OK. 

His Roundhouse show coincides with the release of his eagerly anticipated new album “It Is What It Is” which drops on April the 3rd. He’s known for putting on quite a show. And it’s not surprising when you consider he’s the son of Ronald Bruner Snr – a Motown session musician who played with Diana Ross and the Temptations. His brother has worked with Prince and Stevie Wonder. 

Whilst he’s very much a serious jazz musician his work as a producer with big names has also helped him develop as a musician in other directions. In fact it was through his friendship with Flying Lotus that he decided to give singing a go after he encouraged him to. A friendship which he describes as being similar and as intensely close as Jay and Silent Bob.

Expect a show you can both let loose at whilst lapping up some quality musicianship accompanied by Thundercat’s distinctive, melancholy falsetto. 

Check Out:

  1. “Oh Sheit it’s X”
  2. “Uh Uh”
  3. “King of the Hill”
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