Live, Jacob Collier scampers and bounds about the stage from instrument to instrument like Jools Holland on benzedrine. He does so with mind-boggling skill and infectious glee. His roadie(s) must love him.

This is your chance to catch a genuine musical prodigy out in the wild. A musician’s musician. A totally mad multi-instrumentalist performer whose shows at times resemble the world’s greatest Primary school assembly. In a very good way.

At the Roundhouse, Jacob Collier will perform material from the first three of his ‘Djesse‘ suite of albums, a project that will eventually culminate in a four-volume 50 song set of albums – that is staggering vision!

Jacob Collier is as proficient at creating something unexpected with his arrangements (‘Here Comes the Sun‘, ‘Every Little Thing She Does is Magic‘) as he is with his own compositions (Make Me Cry, Feel.) Is this the Prince, the Brian Wilson, the Ludwig Van Beethoven of his generation?

Building up stacks of intricate harmonies with his voice, it is sometimes dizzying contemplating the production and thought processes behind Collier’s methods. He was first discovered Justin-Bieber-Style when his video editing and multi-tracking talents were recognised by none other than Quincy Jones! It is little wonder that fellow virtuosos Steve Vai, Herbie Hancock and Hans Zimmer have been queuing up to collaborate.

New listeners may be a little put off by the ‘Sims menu music’ barbershop jazz of Jacob’s sound at surface level, or may even feel intimidated by the sheer complexity and variation of work here. But don’t be scared – check out these live clips for evidence of a buoyantly fun show with streams of ‘wow’ moments.

Get your tickets for the Roundhouse Wed 8th April 2020, and be prepared to become part of the show. Jacob Collier doesn’t just play instruments, he plays you.

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