They’re the biggest band you’ve never heard of. These guys are cool. With a down to earth vibe and international sales outstripping artists such as Lorde and filling mammoth stadiums in Auckland, they kick ass.

When they played Western Springs (New Zealand’s biggest stadium) the pre-sale sold out within hours, their first album spent 207 weeks in the album charts and there’s a documentary about them in the pipeline. Not bad for a group who met at university and started out as a covers band.

The feel good laid back Six60, are bringing their record breaking live show to The Roundhouse. They mix together a pop sound with a generous pinch of soul and R n B. This is a gig to bring your mates to and start the festive season early (I’m pretty sure December 1st is just the right time). ‘Cause these are tunes about being together and having a real blast.  “Don’t Forget Your Roots” is your party anthem.

Their sound has a reggae vibe to it – good time tunes with a laid back vocal. (Think Smash Mouth meets Johnny Osbourne.) Making their gig an excellent antidote to your London winter fatigue (squashed into the tube reading a rain and election splattered paper). An injection of their sunny laid back cocktail, has to be the answer.


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