If you’re delusional and still holding out for a third season of Fleabag – rest assured – I’ve got the soundtrack sorted. The Lone Bellow swerve unexpectedly to sucker punch you with the raw energy of pure Americana gumption and their nostalgia-tinged confessions of heartbreak. Think country on steroids.

The band started with frontman, Zach Williams, writing poems to help him cope with his wife’s traumatic horse-riding accident. Taking up guitar at his friends’ suggestion led him to a few good tunes. After his wife miraculously healed Zach decided to give music a shot. Equipped with two bandmates – Kanene Donehey Pipkin and Brian Elmquist, the Lone Bellow was born.

Lyrics are at the emotional core of the band. They switch from gentle musings on love, to dark, depressing reflections.

The best track imo is “Walk Into a Storm”. Their fantastic ability to harmonise disguises the gritty truth behind a self-destructive relationship: “I’d watch the floodplains rise with you / Watch the mud turn into lies with you / Let the water and the ground bury us deep deep down.”

Ahead of releasing their new album “Half Moon Light,” the Nashville-based trio are kicking off an extensive tour with two shows in London, including one at our very own St. Pancras Old Church.


To hear:

Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold” – country, bluegrass and folk – bliss

“Water under the Bridge” – pleading a lover to stay has never been as gospel

Marshmallow World” – pure holiday cheer with a bow on top


Photo credit: Abigail Gillardi www.agillardiphoto.com
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