Finally we are back into the music venues after the long lockdown restrictions! on 12 September, CMDN hosted an all-dayer at the Dublin Castle featuring a mix as vibrant as Camden of 8 bands covering folk, blues, pop, punk, rock and country. It was the first show of our Zombie Horse Gig Series running through December- get your tickets for the next show here.

The line-up was Niches, Slim Blue, Holly Penfield, Family Jools, Snowflake Generation, F.O.L, Victor and the New Vintage and to close the day Savannah Gardner. Unfortunately, local heroes PollyPikPocketz had to drop out as one of the members caught covid, but they still dropped in to support the action.

All the bands were pumped up to be on the stage again. The fans were grateful to have live music and the exciting vibe of a slew of energetic and eager musicians.

Wonderful, lively tracks from Niches. A new band with massive potential. Check their track “Beautiful Daydream” which they played with mandolin.

Slim Blue lit the Dub on fire with a powerful blend of soaring vocals and shredding guitar. Wow!

Holly Penfield stirred it up with her original songs and point of view, along with wicked keyboard support

Family Jools blasted out a fierce set with sweet live versions of their “Flash of Lighting” and “Georgia” tracks. Welcome to their new bassist!

Snowflake Generation played as a duo which was a very different but still great vocals and enticing pop beats

F.O.L fired up their punk-infused sound blasting the room. “Russian Interference” is a powerful track!

Victor and the New Vintage skillfully skated across dub, rock and soul getting everyone moving to their throbbing beats and insane guitar. Top vibe.

Savannah Gardner delivered strong vocals with her charming presence, alongside her supporting amazing bass player. It was the end of the day, but we wanted more.

Check out more of the photos in the gallery here below:

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