Juliet Garrett is releasing her new EP, Corners of Pretend today (19th March 2021) featuring her heavenly gorgeous folky tones.

Garrett comes from a creative family, her sister appears to be a talented photographer, and her parents, I believe, are artists and creatives. So she was unlikely to turn into an accountant, I suppose, and that upbringing and creative gene pool has led to this EP and a talented musician that we have been lucky enough to have on our stream. Juliet is currently hiding out at home in Canada, but is normally based in London and caught my eye, having played the Green Note (who usually have picked out brilliant artists for their shows).

Juliet Garrett. Source: Katya Wolosoff
Juliet Garrett. Source: Katya Wolosoff

Her music reminds me of Beth Rowley, even though she’s more folk than Beth. It’s that similarly easy and relaxed tone.

Celestial tones of ‘Follow the River’ conjure up images of faeries dancing in the woods, nymphs and smiling and laughing on the beach. Garrett has this kind of childlike quality to her voice, there’s an innocence to it.  Other than those clear and misty heady tones, I think that’s her charm. It’s the simplicity that works well.

The second track, ‘Grown Up’, brings an entirely different vibe to Juliet’s music. It would fit quite nicely into a James Bond soundtrack. Hints of Adele’s ‘Rumour has it’, that kind of a thing. Dark and brooding and wonderful. Wailing guitar/keys. What I’m getting here is that Juliet might be positive and sweet on the surface, spiritual and encouraging, but you better not cross her, because she’ll rise to the challenge! Good on yer, girl!

‘Carry On’ is simply cheery. It feels perfectly Carol King, but I suppose I am biased because I love the great lady (c’mon, who doesn’t, actually? ‘Will you still love me tomorrow’? A classic.) It’s a pick me up for when you’re tired. It’s a remedy for the soul. And maybe even, dare I say it (because every other advertiser has), lockdown.

Well, it makes me feel better, anyway.

Overall a strong EP from Garrett, I can’t wait to hear more of her creations.

Thanks Juliet, for another musical gift, looking forward to you being on the show or seeing you at one of our live gigs!

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