Folksters! Come ye, one and all!!! For ‘tis the time this seasontide for some trad folk!!!

Broomdasher have filled out venues across the UK with their sharing of text and song. I love them – they’re real people, putting twigs and leaves in their hair in the name of British history. They first came together at Cecil Sharp House in Camden, the home of British folk music.


‘Traditional folk meets Edwardian eco-warrior, Brilliant!’ Burton Mail


I think this is a nice one for a family occasion. Which is something I rarely say on Camden Live. If you’re a couple who has been into folk for a long time, you’re just getting into it, or you have kids that you’d like to show how to have a good time without having a phone clasped in their hands 24/7, check this show out.


“A unique tribute.” Birmingham Mail


Broomdasher share their own take of ‘The Diary of an Edwardian Lady’ with the audience, reading from the text with gusto before breaking into song.

I love this kind of thing, where you’re basically taken back to some other time where you could really have just taken a time machine back to ye olde England. It’s so relaxing to hear these tunes that are hearty and real and nourishing for the soul. Trad songs are also great because they’ve stuck around. They’ve been covered by so many people (including Ed Sheeren, Annie Lennox and Jacob Collier) because of their quality and appeal. I believe a song becomes smoother each time it is worked by a new artist, like a glass stone on a beach.

Songs like ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ and ‘If I were a Blackbird’ … which have become the permanent furniture features of trad folk gigs. Like that comfy old couch you just can’t get ever get rid of. As Folk Monthly says, ‘If trad is your thing, this will please you.’

Broomdasher will be filling St. Michael’s Church with their warm harmonies and folk roots on the 11th of December. Be there.

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