The album Today Until Tomorrow is a crowdfunder, raising money for The Rose and Monkey hotel as well as Miss England’s beauty with a purpose campaign, fundraising for the National Autistic Society.

It starts off with Children of the State’s track, ‘All I want’, which has a wonderful post 70s haze about it, with a Thrillz vibe. This is definite sitting on the couch and chilling out music.

Joe McAdam brings us lilting country with his emotive track, ‘There is a light’, complete with a warm of backing harmonies. Niamh Evans is up next. She sounds a little like Birdy and Sinead O Connor; her lyrics are dry and raw; “I been doin’ fine with you, least that’s what I’ve been saying.”

Jon Coley’s ‘Jetsom’ has a cool Van Morrison spring to it, his voice has always been soulful, and his lyrics, real. This one definitely makes you want to join him for a trip to the seaside. Loving the addition of jazz organ to this track, possibly an homage to his grandfather, who inspired him to play music. This track sits nicely on a shelf beside ‘Sittin’ on the dock of the bay’ and ‘Country Road’ by James Taylor.

Thom Morecroft has contributed ‘Light Night’. It’s the kind of song that makes you imagine a lover climbing up the wall to tap on his girl’s window. It’s very charming and innocent and very catchy indeed.

Caitlin Gilligan ‘Whisper of Light’ is a nice folk reprieve – it’s atmospheric, with birdsong and a plucking pattern repeated in the background – it becomes quite hypnotic. Quite a nice track for lockdown with the line “it’s been so long” also repeated to the end. Although she may be talking about a distance of time between her and a person, this sentiment also applies to the post covid tiredness that has overcome so many of us.

The Howlers’ drawling country vox remind me of Neil Young and the Cure in their track, ‘County Lines’. “Pray for your sons and daughters, and make it to the country lines.” It has an understated chorus, confessing that things could be seen from a positive angle.

If you want to help a great cause and also have a new listening experience, the suggested donation starts at £8. We’ll be talking to the organiser, Elizabeth Martin, tomorrow on the stream.

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